Diuretics Can Lower Blood Pressure


Diuretics are a medication type used in helping both women and men to lower their blood pressure. Diuretics serve other functions as well and are actually secreted by the body in some medical conditions like diabetes. Certain foods have diuretic effects, namely coffee, tea and alcohol and the body will lose more than what is actually taken in if a product includes these foods - hence the name diuretics.

Diuresis is the process when the kidneys create excess urine which results in a person urinating more and losing extra fluid. Some diuretics inhibit the kidneys from reabsorbing sodium and so more is lost through the urine. Other diuretics cause more chloride and sodium to be expelled while some block the substitution of sodium for potassium (called potassium-sparing diuretics). These types of diuretics are used by patients with heart disease and potassium is an essential electrolyte in the heart's electrical conduction.

Diuretics lowers blood pressure by removing any extra fluid that is present in the blood and so assists the heart by its having less blood to pump through the body. It is a very delicate balance to decrease the extra fluid and not cause dehydration at the same time.

A lot of patients who suffer from congestive heart failure experience difficulty in retaining extra fluid and diuretics lower blood pressure in these patients by correcting an existing problem in their systems - physicians and patients have to maintain a balance between too little and too much and patients using diuretic medications should monitor fluid balance by weighing themselves each morning. Fluid has weight and so if patients retain more fluid they will increase their weight and likewise if they are become dehydrated their weight decreases without a change in their diets. This situation signals a severe complication that a physician should address immediately.

Over the counter diuretics are not common due to the potential for abuse and subsequent dangers although there is a diuretic which is commonly used by women for fluid retention during menstruation. Some people mistakenly think that water weight loss is the same as actual body weight loss and using diuretics to achieve weight loss is extremely dangerous (it often results in the body retaining excess fluid while the medications can damage the kidneys.

Diuretics for high blood pressure problems are normally much stronger than those obtained over the counter and will be monitored by a doctor who will check how much fluid is present in a patient and how much is lost by using diuretics which decrease any negative effects on fluid retention and the kidneys.

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