Heroin Laws in Florida

Heroin is a semi-synthetic drug that is derived from the opiate commonly found in the poppy flower and in poppy seeds. It creates a white crystal which is typically either smoked or melted and then injected directly into the blood stream. It is a pain killer that is used recreationally as a "downer". As a recreational drug it is highly addictive and possesses a high potential for abuse. It is illegal to use heroin recreationally across the United States.

Although all heroin use is nationally restricted, each state possesses a unique set of guidelines legally restricting the use, sale, and trafficking of the heroin drug. In the state of Florida all heroin related crimes are considered felonies, but the crime classification and punishment vary depending on the amount worked with and the act committed.

Florida's Laws concerning Heroin

Throughout the state of Florida, the drug laws concerning heroin establish the following:

· Possession of any amount of heroin less than four grams is a third degree felony

· Possession of four grams of heroin or more is considered a first degree felony

· The sale of any amount of heroin less than 10 grams is a second degree felony

· The sale of more than 10 grams of heroin is considered a first degree felony

· All trafficking of heroin is a felony, the degree depends on the amount trafficked

While these laws specifically state what type of offenses are involved when dealing with heroin, there are a variety of punishments than vary depending on the severity of the heroin crime committed. These include:

· If the sale of heroin is done near a school, the punishment following the crime will be more severe

· If you traffic four to fourteen grams of heroin you will face a $50,000 fine and 3 years in prison

· If you traffic 14 to 28 grams of heroin you will face a $100,000 fine and 15 years in prison

· If you traffic 38 grams to 40 kilograms of heroin you will face a $500,000 fine and 25 years in prison

· Trafficking more than 40 kilograms of heroin is a first degree felony and will result in life imprisonment

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While all of the United States law officials consider recreational drug use, sales, and trafficking very serious crimes, in the state of Florida the law enforcement holds to their regulations on heroin interaction very strictly. If you would like to know more about Florida drug laws, drug crime, and drug crime defense, visit criminallawyerbocaraton.com today.

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