Signs of Cocaine Use


You may be wondering if there even are signs of cocaine use or common symptoms that people display when they are using this drug. The fact of the matter is that there are many signs of cocaine abuse that, if you are aware of them, can be very useful in determining if someone is using cocaine.

The first thing that you need to aware of is that there is no 100% certain way to determine if a person is abusing drugs other than confronting them with a drug test. However, as I have said, if you know the signs of the addictive behavior, you will have a leg up on determining this question.

So, what are the common signs of cocaine use? There are several and I'd like to discuss the top three.

1. Loss of weight. Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that will limit a person's appetite. Because of this people who are regular cocaine users do not consume enough calories to maintain their weight. As a result when a person starts using cocaine they can lose a significant amount of weight. If you suspect a person of using cocaine and they are quickly losing weight, that is not a good sign.

2. Staying out at night. Cocaine is a drug that is most often consumed at night. What this means is that a person using cocaine will often disappear for many hours at night and come back home very late or be gone for several days. When a cocaine user is using their drug they will lose all concepts of time and they will continue to use well after the point when they should call it a night. Therefore if someone is out until 4 AM frequently, they may be abusing cocaine.

3. Nose problems. Most people who use powder cocaine consume it through their nasal tissue, meaning that they inhale it. Because most cocaine addicts will use large amounts of the this drug, damage to the mucus membrane of the nose is sure to follow. Cocaine users often report having nose bleeds or runny and stuffy noses for days after their last using binge. So, pay attention to a person's nose if you suspect them of using cocaine. However, you should be aware that if the person you suspect is injecting or smoking their cocaine (in the form of crack cocaine) then this sign will not apply.

The good news is that cocaine users are quite users. Nearly all of them will display all or some of these signs of cocaine use. If you know these coke use signs, then you can get a good idea as to whether or not a person that you love is abusing cocaine and then take the proper action. The final thing is that cocaine addiction is a disease not a moral failing and if someone you know is using cocaine, they can get better with treatment. Cocaine addicts recover everyday with treatment.

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