Incontinence And Diuretics

Diuretic medication is commonly prescribed for a host of serious health issues including hypertension, heart disease, edema, and kidney disease. These medications are very useful in the treatment of these conditions but they also have an obvious impact on the exposure to developing incontinence.

A diuretic is designed to flush the body of excess fluids and as a result they will have the kidneys and bladder working overtime. If you have any weaknesses in either of those organs or in the supporting muscle group then you may develop bladder weakness and experience uncontrolled leakage of urine. There are a number of things that you can do to eliminate or at least manage this problem and your first step in that direction is a trip to the doctor's office.

Explain to him or her just when your bladder weakness began, how frequent it is and what the volume of fluid is. Your doctor can try reducing the dosage of your diuretic or try a different type all together. What ever the decision is just remember to take your medicine. Don't stop taking your dosage just because you experience bladder weakness as the disease that the diuretics are prescribed for are far more serious.

Diuretics exist in nature as well. Caffeine and alcohol are both common natural diuretics and should be avoided or kept to a minimum while on prescribed diuretics. Avoid spicy foods as well. While they are not diuretics they tend to irritate the bladder and you simply don't need any other stresses on the bladder than you already have.

If you and your doctor can't find a happy medium with your medication, be sure to take full advantage of the many products designed to manage this condition such as incontinence pads, pants and mattress covers. These products have come a long way in past years and are now far more comfortable and much more discreet. has been providing discreet information on incontinence for over 40 years and is considered an authority in the industry. If you would like to learn more about this subject please visit our site at

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